Complete Main Floor, June 2018

We recently completed one of our largest projects yet, a complete main floor! This home is an older bungalow, originally with a very traditional floor plan. Our clients wanted a more modern and open feel to their home while maintaining some privacy with their bedrooms. We decided to remove the walls to the kitchen to create a great room consisting of the living room, dining room and kitchen. The foyer was altered to give more room to the kitchen and better flow into the house. In the back half of the house the walls encasing the stairs were removed and replaced with a banister which opened up the hallway back to the bedrooms. The bedrooms received modifications to their closest.

With the great room / kitchen now the focal point in the home, attention to detail is key. Special consideration was made with regards to smooth flooring transitions as premium porcelain tile was laid in the kitchen, and premium hardwood throughout the remainder of the home. The kitchen cabinets are all custom made with accommodations for a wall oven and microwave, large fridge, cook top and dishwasher. The kitchen also includes a large island with wine rack, lots of storage and seating for four!

With the design changes made, quality of finishes used, and attention to detail, the results are as if it was a brand new home!