Many bathroom projects come to us because of problems. Mold, problems with cracked and falling tiles, leaky showers etc. All of these problems are caused by construction methods that don’t hold up over time. Renovations by Overmeyer has taken an approach that spending a little more in a bathroom during construction can save a lot down the line. We use the best products available to make sure water leakage is an issue of the past and therefore mold is easily prevented. First we remove the old tile/backer board and any mold that is present. We then build the bathroom using waterproof products made by Schluter, specifically made to provide a tiling surface that will endure time without water issues. We do not use drywall or concrete board in our shower areas. We use mold resistant drywall on walls adjacent to shower areas and mold resistant paint in all areas of the bathroom. Every effort is made to ensure mold is not a problem and that the bathroom lasts for many many years.