Bathroom, Jul 2016

This client came to us wanting to repair some water damage in their bathroom and give it a more modern look. It hadn't been altered since the house was built approximately 20 years ago. We started with removal of the vanity, toilet, bathtub, flooring and sub flooring where the water leak had previously caused damage. New sub flooring was installed, then tiled with porcelain tiles. The client chose an updated acrylic surround to be installed around a new bathtub. The walls were repaired and painted, new premium baseboards added, and new lighting installed in the ceiling. The ceiling also received a new exhaust fan, for which an exhaust vent didn't exist so we spent some time in the attic and roof installing a new vent. Finally a new toilet, vanity, quartz counter, undermount sink and wallmounted upper vanity with mirror and LED lighting was installed to finish off the room.