Basement, Oct 2016

Another basement turned into an inviting and functional space for entertainment. This basement job started quickly as it was completely empty, no demolition needed! We did have to focus more on the design however, as there were a large number of bulkheads needed, and walkway between the stairs and utility room was quite narrow. By adjusting the wall attached to the stairs and angling the bulkhead on the new utility room wall, we were able to open up a comfortable walk space to the main room. The entire area had 2x4 wood studs, R14 insulation and vapour barrier installed, along with electrical outlets prior to being finished with drywall and primer. LED pot lights attached to dimmers were installed in the new smooth ceilings. The ceilings were also insulated with Roxul Safe and Sound as a sound barrier from the floor above. A space for a future wall mounted TV was installed along with four 4K HDMI connections, Coax and power. Laminate was installed on premium underlay throughout with new carpet covering the stairs. A finished space for the laundry was custom created, which provided a new laundry sink and counter over the laundry units.