Basement, Jan 2018

The first basement of the new year! This project started out small with just some work to open up the space slightly, install a ceiling as one wasn't there before and replace the carpet. After seeing the state of the walls and how badly they were bowing in, the client decided to move forward with us replacing the exterior walls. As this was an older home, the exterior walls barely contained any insulation, the vapour barrier was very inadequate by today's standards, and the studs were 2x3's running horizontally. After removing all of that, we replaced them with proper 2x4 walls, insulation, vapour barrier and drywall before our finishing work. An old fireplace was removed, and replaced with a new 30,000 BTU gas fireplace. Due to the size of the fireplace, we installed additional non-combustible materials all around the fireplace structure in order to protect the TV and AV components being installed above it. A custom made mantle was installed just above the fireplace to further protect a wall mounted TV. Due to space issues, we mounted the sound bar containing the center, left and right speaker channels above the TV. The sound system is a Paradigm 6.1 mated to a Sony receiver that provides a rich sound to the small space. The basement was outfitted with dimmable LED lights, 5-1/4" baseboard trim, and premium berber carpet. The very small three piece bathroom was also remodeled, being completely torn down before rebuild. New porcelain tile was installed on the floor, along with a large, premium acrylic shower, toilet and vanity.